The Visual Scholar

William Leung

Understand. Design. Achieve.

Let's work together to form a unique visual narrative.


My name is William Leung and I’m an independent Graphic Designer based out of Sacramento, California specializing in print design and branding. I work with individuals and businesses of all sizes to create honest and effective designs that tell unique stories. The Visual Scholar represents my values as a designer. It reflects my mission to always learn and grow. I am very passionate about design and I care about sharing the design process with others.

My Process

  • Initiate
  • Research
  • Ideation
  • Design
  • Refine & Apply
  • Achieve & Share
  • 1. Understand the essence of your unique vision
    and create a path for the future.

  • 2. Defining your market will help us create a vision
    that stands apart from your competitors.

  • 3. Turn ideas and concepts into
    visual sketches that convey your story.

  • 4. Bring together the big ideas, rough visualizations,
    and finite details to craft into a digital presence.

  • 5. Polishing and expanding the design
    to encompass your whole project.

  • 6. Feel confident about the future.
    Be proud of what you do.

Featured Work

The selected work of William Leung.

Let's work together
to create an expressive vehicle
for community impact.

"Totally committed
to finding creative solutions
to our design problems."

-Priscilla Garcia SN&R


A strong foundation for success is built on trust. I do my best when you trust in my abilities and expertise.


Be a learner. Be an expert. Be a teacher. Add value to design and share that with others.


Working together to achieve your goals and create a strong relationship for the future.


Be passionate and have substance behind the work I do. The message is just as essential as the design.


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